Why Detail Your Vehicle?

Many people wonder if detailing their car or truck is worth it. The answer is yes! While there are several reasons why getting your vehicle detailed is a great investment, here are the top three.


When potential buyers see that your car is detailed, it leads them to think that you took great care of your vehicle. Well-maintained vehicles sell for more, which means detailing can boost the resale price of your car.


Your clear coat will deteriorate over time, especially if you don’t get your car washed frequently. If left unprotected, the elements will break down the top layer of clear coating and even eat down through the paint and the sheet metal.


While it might come as a surprise, getting a glass coating for your vehicle can actually help you drive in inclement weather like rain. Water droplets fall off a windshield faster when it’s glass-coated, and wipers are likely to perform better.

Milford Auto Detailing Services

Clear Definition Detailing offers a wide range of interior and exterior detailing services for your vehicle. We won’t give you a one-size-fits-all detailing service. We personalize each detailing to your exact vehicle and tastes. With our attention to detail, we’ll make sure that every little detail is just the way you want it.

If you don’t see a particular detailing service below, feel free to reach out to our team to discover what we can do for you!

Detailing Packages

We offer multiple different detailing packages to make sure you get just what you’re looking for. If you have several of our services in mind, contact us to see if any of our detailing packages fit the bill.

Ceramic Coatings

A ceramic coating bonds to your vehicle’s paint to create a protective layer that can save your car from UV rays, etching, and even rusting. Additionally, these coatings make cleaning your car even easier.

Dent Repair

We specialize in repairing those annoying dents and dings that seem to come out of no where! Prices do vary and it’s  necessary to see the vehicle to assess each dent before we can give you a quote.

Turn To Milford’s Auto Detailing Experts At CLEAR DEFINITION

When it comes down to something as thorough as the detailing of your vehicle, why leave the job to anyone but the best? Clear Definition Detailing is your home for vehicle detailing of all kinds.

Our team of professional detailers has the experience and tools to make your detailed vehicle look brand-new. Contact us for outstanding detailing for your car, truck, or trailer today!

Happy Customers

Four times customer here. Crew here did an outstanding job as usual on our Denali. Can’t believe how clean things look inside, especially knowing what it was going in! Going to schedule my other truck shortly for more detailing. Thanks so much guys, can’t wait to use you again!

DPC Designs

The guys at Clear Definition are pleasant, professional and talented. I gave them my old Honda CRV to detail so I can sell it to make room for the new Bronco I ordered. when I got it back it looked so good that I was almost tempted to keep it! I will be a repeat customer and plan on bringing them my Bronco for a ceramic coating. I highly recommend this place to anyone!

Thomas Blair

Clear Definition Detailing

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